The Illustrator

Hi there! I’m Emily.

Emily Cromwell

I started really focusing on making my hobby into a business back in 2011 when I was a junior in high school. I was always the quiet kid that no one really talked to, so instead of joining in on the usual high school partying scene, I took a different route and turned my love for creating into a full blown business! I love to illustrate and hand letter colorful and whimsical designs.

Emily Cromwell


I’ve grown up always being a very creative person. A little fun fact about me that most people don’t know is that I started painting before I could talk (and fishing too, thanks to my good ole dad!). I grew up with very supportive parents so I was very fortunate to always have supplies to create with. I first started out creating some very stylish finger paintings, the best that a 5 year old could do! Then I upgraded to those fuzzy black colorful posters, I remember getting a new one of those about every month! As I got older, I kept getting better and better supplies, and of course they just got more expensive, as you would expect. But it’s totally worth it!

I was born and raised in Virginia but around age nine, we moved up to Massachusetts where we’ve been ever since. I remember being absolutely devastated to find out that when I entered middle school, there wasn’t an art program…at all! But I didn’t let that stop me, I continued to create art on my own and took art lessons to keep my passion flowing. When I entered high school, I had the best art teacher I could have ever possibly dreamt of. Whenever you had a bad day, he was always there to cheer you up and make you smile. Whenever you ran into creativity block, he was there to get your mind flowing again. He was one of a kind, and I was so lucky to have had him as my art teacher for those four years.

Currently, I am a twenty one year old full time college student at Framingham State University where I major in Studio Art with a concentration in Illustration. I love going to school every day knowing I get to go to art class! It makes me as excited as going to the local arts and crafts store!

Let’s see…a little more about myself!

What makes me smile?
:: Funny cat pictures (Yes I am one of those crazy cat ladies)
:: A good inspirational quote
:: A beautiful place

What makes me cry?
:: Sappy movies with a sad story line (I’m that person at the movies with a packet of tissues)

Some of my favorite things:
:: Watercolor paints
:: Oil Paints
:: Soft and fluffy things (I love the word fluffy!)
:: Christmas Time
:: Lights at Night
:: Cities at Night
:: Quotes
:: Fall Season (Gotta love that starbucks, knit hat, and boots weather!!)
:: Pinterest (I’m a true addict!)

Emily Cromwell


A couple facts that people are surprised to learn about me:

:: As I wrote earlier, I learned to paint AND fish before I could read

:: I absolutely love to read. I’ve upgraded to the Nook and I completely love it and I bring it everywhere with me. There are so many great books and crafty magazines out there, I can’t wait to explore them all!

:: I love cheese…seriously, I could live off of it.

Emily Cromwell


I can’t forget to mention my little (or should I say big) fluff ball, Misty. She is my ten year old gray tabby cat, and she’s the light of my life. She’s my little buddy and she always sits with me when I’m painting or creating.



Believe it or not, I originally started this blog in 2013 as a requirement for a graphic design class in college. I left it alone for a while and then remembered it and figured why not start it up again and use it for my craft business!

I blog because I love to write about art, crafts, DIY projects, craft business tips, and life in general.

When you read my blog, I want you to come away with three things.

:: An overall sense of happiness
:: A great want to go out and create things
:: Motivation to do well, live well, and create well.

And always remember, it doesn’t matter what age you are. Anyone can create! And to show you that…here’s little me back when I started my creative journey as an artist and crafter!

Emily Cromwell


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