Witty Notepad for the Vast Majority of List Makers

If you’re anything like me, you make lists upon lists upon lists, with the very BEST intentions of actually doing what you have written on those lists. But, let’s be honest, we never ever get around to actually doing anything we wrote down! I think it just feels good to write things down and feel like we’re being productive in our minds. And therefore, this notepad was born.

Say hello to your new best friend, list makers!

Witty Notepad

The entire design is hand lettered and illustrated by yours truly! The entire aspect of this notepad from the design, to printing, and even assembling it, is done by hand in my home studio, with lots and lots of handmade love!


The notepad is printed on Bright White paper and is perfectly binded to natural chipboard on the back.

I had so much fun designing this note pad because not only did I love the saying, but I used all of my favorite colors and I’ve gotta say, I even kept one of these notepads for myself because c’mon, you know I love making lists!

Funny Notepad

This notepad is now available in my shop and can be purchased here.


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