I fully believe in the importance for taking care of the planet that we live on and supporting our local farmers and makers. In this illustration I wanted to emphasize not only the importance of choosing locally grown produce, but also going green with riding a bicycle as opposed to driving a car. Drum roll please! Introducing our newly released eco-friendly tote bags!

Tote bag

This tote bag is made from 100% natural cotton and the long handles make it very easy for you to carry it over your shoulder. When not being used, it is able to be folded up and can fit into small storage places, waiting to be used whenever you need it!

tote bag

Reusable and economic-friendly bags are becoming a huge essential and this tote bag will help you to support not only the handmade market, but it will also show off your support for local farmers and makers. It’s an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic bags because you can re-use it again and again and again! It features a colorful design that promotes a good cause.

tote bag

Available in our Etsy Shop!


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