Craft Show Tips

Hi there!

First of all, HAPPY FRIDAY! I’m excited, can you tell? It’s been a long week!
Anyways, today I wanted to talk about craft shows and pass along some tips from myself a few other crafters who have done them as well.


Let me just start off by saying that craft shows are a fantastic way to get yourself out there, as well as what you make. It also gives you a chance to talk to your customers one on one and get to know them and what they like. Craft shows are pretty simple to do and get ready for, but there are some words of advice that I want to pass along that could really help you out.

Here are some great tips on making sure you have a successful craft show!

1. I like to make a check list of things that I need to bring and I go through it before every show so that I never forget anything. I include the necessities such as my products, my setup, chairs, tables, etc. But I also take into consideration things that I may not think of such as tape, scissors, safety pins, product supplies to repair anything if it breaks accidentally, and food!
-Emily Cromwell

2. I’ve been doing caricatures for 22 years, with 15 years experience working at amusement parks and festivals. Out of a group of 5 other artists at the amusement park, I often got more people come up to me to draw them simply because I was the ONLY person NOT wearing sunglasses!
I was the only person making eye contact with every person that walked by, giving them a smile. Always make some kind of connection with the people who approach your table, even if it is simply a smile and a friendly “Hello.”
A person who feels a friendly connection with you is more likely to buy something at your table than someone who sees you just sitting there reading a book, looking like you don’t care.
Show your enthusiasm for what you are selling. Remember, people buy your joy – so SHOW it on your face.
-Wendy Fedan

3. Have a selection of small things that people can purchase and are not too expensive. I made handmade envelopes out of old comics, put in little bags with labels and then printed a label to seal the top. They sold well!
-Nicky Nix

4. Remember to label your bins or boxes to make it easier to pack at the end of the day. It’s a busy time and you are rushed to get packed up. It also makes it easier to be ready to go for your next show!
-Kristi Cromwell


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