Surprise! A Fun Filled Weekend

In movies, you always see people pulling off these awesome surprise parties, and I’ve always been like “Man! I want to throw a surprise party one day for someone!” Well folks, that day was this weekend! My family and I threw a big blow out surprise party for my Gramie who turned 80 years old.

Can I just say how fun it was!? We held it at this GORGEOUS winery down in Virginia, and they had the cutest little kitty cat there (and if a place has a cat, they get an A+ in my book!). We had invited all of her friends and even flew in some of her family from across the country!

I know you’re probably wondering what I got her for a gift…well, instead of buying her something, I made her something! Surprise, surprise. I found one of my favorite pictures of us together when I was a little girl, and it was of us when I was feeding her blueberries when we were out blueberry picking. Well, I sat myself down for a good few hours and I drew the picture for her with one of my artist pens and I put it in a nice frame and there you had it! The best part? She LOVED it!

The Artistic Life Blog

The Artistic Life Blog

The Artistic Life Blog

The Artistic Life Blog

The Artistic Life Blog

Have you you ever thrown someone a surprise party? For who? And do they like the surprise!?


One thought on “Surprise! A Fun Filled Weekend

  1. We had a surprise party for my mom’s 80th. I can’t believe we actually surprised her, she had no idea. I’m not sure she liked the surprise. She would never let anyone know she didn’t, but she did like to be in control of everything.


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