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Happy Tuesday everyone! I wanted to share my latest illustration experience with you!
I’ve always loved a pretty pattern, and I’ve struggled for awhile to figure out where I want to go with my artistic skills, and I’ve finally found my calling and I couldn’t be happier! Surface pattern design! It has the same concept of my other love, hand lettering, so it’s fantastic that I can pretty much combine the two together and do both.


I like to call this pretty thing “Whimsical Florals”…quite fitting don’t you think? This is what I created my first time around with trying to tackle the whole concept of pattern design and after A LOT of having to go back and redo slight mistakes, I finally came out strong with this final design!

Whimsical Floral Pattern by Emily Cromwell

Below, is my pattern swatch repeated several times.

Whimsical Floral Pattern by Emily Cromwell


I like to call this one “Spring Florals”. I stuck with the whole whimsical floral idea but I also made the florals completely different than my first design. I actually got my inspiration for all these florals by going to a local garden and taking pictures of all sorts of flowers!

Spring Florals by Emily Cromwell


Wow! Let me just say how much of a learning process this was. It’s easy to think that this will be something that you can get done in a few minutes but that’s really not the case. A lot of thought goes into planning the elements of the pattern and then moving those elements that you drew by hand onto your computer into Illustrator to add color and arrange everything. I ran into so many small errors such as problems with clipping masks or something not aligning the right way, but I always say that trial and error is a great way to teach yourself new things!



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