The Artistic Life Blog from Emily Cromwell

As an artist, I’m sure it isn’t any surprise that my favorite art supply store is Blick. If you haven’t heard of it, I seriously urge you to check it out. It will change your life, that’s how great it is!….Okay maybe not change your life, but I know you’ll love it.

I decided to take a little trip over to Boston today to go to Blick since I haven’t in awhile, and I literally spent hours in there just walking around looking at everything. That store makes me so happy, no matter what my mood was before I walked in.

The Artistic Life Blog from Emily Cromwell

Doesn’t this look like an artist’s bliss?! Right when you walk in the door, there are so many different cool and unique items that you can’t find anywhere else…and they are all artsy! I even saw a Van-Gogh paper doll today that you could change it’s clothes on, and it’s face (which worried me a bit)…but it gave me a good laugh! Gotta love that Van-Gogh.

The Artistic Life Blog from Emily Cromwell

I was in complete and utter happiness as I walked the aisles of paint. There are SO many colors and they are so pretty!! I think there are at least about ten different brands for each medium of paint and it’s just crazy the variety that they have! Again, this is why I love Blick so much. (Sorry Michael’s, you know I still love you!)

The Artistic Life Blog from Emily CromwellAfter drooling over all the gorgeous colors of paint…I had to decide on picking just a few, but aren’t they cute!? I was aiming for a pastel base since I am planning an abstract landscape series just using oil paints but in an all pastel focus. Oh, and I got a new brush and a funky little flower garland to hang in my work space! I treated myself today, if you couldn’t tell!

The Artistic Life Blog from Emily CromwellI couldn’t resist getting myself an apron to paint with..I’m tired of trying to get the paint out of my clothes so I’m now going to be sporting this stylish apron. Woo-hoo!

Anyways, that was my day! A day spent at an art store, is never a day wasted!!

The Artistic Life Blog from Emily Cromwell



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