Inspiring Painting of the day

The painting that I find most inspiring today is a painting by artist Minh Dam. If you couldn’t tell by my artwork, my favorite medium is watercolor above all else. I just find it so beautiful how the colors flow so loosely, it absolutely fascinates me. I came across this painting, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of it! I find this painting to be inspiring because the artist handles the watercolor paints in a controlled but loose manner all at the same time. He doesn’t focus on details as he does on value. The building in the background, which is the main focus of this painting is exquisite. He is able to show depth and three-dimensional value to the building through deepening colors and lightening colors, creating a beautiful texture.
I really find the people interesting in this painting. They are so simply done, but the outcome is beautiful and it looks effortless, even though us artists know that effortless art just doesn’t exist. Cities have always been one of my favorite subjects, and I love to visit a big city any chance that I get…maybe I’ll make my next painting or drawing a city…this painting sure has inspired me to do so!



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