Reflection: Self-Promotional Pieces + Resume

Throughout the self-promotional pieces and resume project I greatly increased my knowledge and skills of graphic design elements, Adobe software products, and the process of branding and creating a consistent image for yourself. I have always been so interested in the idea of branding, I just never really knew how to start. When the project was introduced by, I was so excited and I immediately started creating logo ideas in InDesign.

With every project though, comes a challenge that you must face. I would say that the greatest challenge with representing yourself through words and images is that you want to the items on the page to be able to perfectly describe you to anyone viewing them, without you being there to tell them about yourself. That was where I actually struggled the most. I knew the message that I wanted to send across to my viewers, I just didn’t know how to pull it all together into a simple product without overdoing it. Finally, after several hours of creating logos and testing out product visuals, I came up with a simple idea that I am now very pleased with. The entire wording in my logo is black, except for two distinct blue lines that pull together my logo. I used those two blue lines for two main reasons. The first being that blue is my favorite color and it is the color I use the most in all my art. The second being that I wanted my viewers to have something to remember my logo by, and it is easier to do that with a color in the logo to associate it with.

When you are creating self promotional pieces, your thinking process is at first all over the place, but then gradually narrows down to focus on making all of the pieces consistent with the image that you are trying to create. As I was creating my materials for this project, my thinking process was first to focus on creating a logo that I felt best represented myself as an artist, illustrator, and graphic designer. Then, I focused on the placement of the logo on different pieces, and possible added elements such as a blue line that could tie the piece together, and make it even more consistent with my overall branding image. For my business card, I wanted to feature one of my paintings, so I chose the painting that I felt was very colorful, eye-catching, and one of my favorites that I have done. Overall, my thinking process started with the logo, then the business card design, then the letterhead, and then I decided to work on the resume, because I felt that was the most important part of my designing process since that is the piece that really showcases who you are and your talents.

Emily Cromwell Resume 1

Emily Cromwell Cover Letter Sample 1

Emily Business Card 1

EmilyCromwell Business Card Back Sample large 1


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