Self Promotional Pieces

As stated in my previous post, I have been working on a few self promotional pieces in my Digital Tools for Art & Design Class. I chose to make not only a resume, but a letterhead and a business card as well. Each piece features my logo, to keep everything consistent.


This is the final version of the front side of my business card. I wanted my first name in bold to make the first name stick out from the last name. Below, I added three main descriptions of myself. Then, I added two distinct blue lines to finish the logo off. I chose blue because it is my favorite color and I feel that it is a good color that would be easy to use throughout any future promotional pieces. As a last minute decision, I decided to add in a portion of a drawing/painting I had done, so people viewing the business card would be able to see a “sneak preview” of something I have done.


Then I have the final version of the back of the business card. I made sure to keep the overall design consistent with using the same type style, font, logo, and I included the same drawing/painting, but a smaller portion of it. I feel that the placement of the artwork on the backside helps to fill in white space and I placed it strategically so that the watercolor drips help carry the viewers eye down the card.


My last promotional piece was this letterhead that I had created. Again, I included the same logo and utilized the same type style and font down at the bottom where my information is placed.


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