Self Portrait Reflection Essay

A reflection of my Self-Portrait project for my Digital Tools for Art & Design Class

I feel that the Self-Portrait project really helped me to utilize my creative skills and to advance my critical thinking process. At first, I had originally thought that the project was going to be fairly easy, but the more in depth I got, the more I realized how difficult it really was. The first step, which is a hard one for most people, including myself, was the process of choosing images and a quote that I felt best represented me as an individual. I decided to go with a quote that described my uniqueness, “You will never influence the world by trying to be like it”, and I had realized that the quote also went along nicely with the fact that I am an artist, as all artists are unique individuals, so I then decided to use photos of my artwork for this project.

Next, came the task of constructing the project in Adobe Illustrator so that I could see the layout of the project as a whole, both front and back. It was pretty easy to get the basic layout built in the program, but once it was time to take each individual square and set it up on a print template, that is where I had run into some issues. I had struggled the most with try to figure out how each square should lay so that they lined up correctly with their corresponding side when printed.

Although I had struggled a bit with the project, I really enjoyed doing it and I feel that I now know how to overcome technical difficulties with computer related projects. My knowledge of the Adobe programs has definitely greatly increased because of this project as well, which I am very excited about. I realized that as long as you keep a main goal and you make sure to attain that goal, you are able to achieve it even after all of the struggles or difficulties that may arise throughout the process.

selfportrait side 1selfportrait side 2


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