14 Years in the Making

I was scrolling through a site called Co.Design when I came across an article, “Google’s New, Flatter Logo Has Been 14 Years in the Making”, about the evolution of the new Google logo. Fourteen years? How can it take fourteen years to create a logo when great artists such as Raphael and Michelangelo completed masterpieces in a much shorter time frame? I found that it wasn’t the design of the logo that was taking up so much time, it was the idea of the logo. Google, like all popular websites, first started out with a very basic and rudimentary logo. Over time, the Google logo has evolved from a basic cartoon-like logo into a sleek 3D logo, looking much better than it used to. However, folks over at Google still aren’t happy. In the article, the author wrote about Google wanting their logo to become modern by making it flat. Should be simple, right? Wrong. The idea of making the popular logo into a flat, non-dimensional logo has taken fourteen years to evolve. The logo is ready to be revealed to the world, but no one has shed any light on when that will be. It could be tomorrow, a month from now, or even a year, only time will tell.


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